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YouTube Update Monetization Policy Eligibility Criteria 500 Subscribers 3000 hours Watch Time 3 Million short Views

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YouTube Update Monetization Policy Eligibility Criteria 500 Subscribers 3000 hours Watch Time 3 Million short Views to become YouTube partner earn money from YouTube.

In this year of 2023 this is new big update from YouTube Eligibility for YouTube Partner Program. YPP which helps you to earn money by videos through Advertisement and also archive more earning ways from this Like: Paid Partnership, Super Thanks, Subscriptions, Shopping.

There are many works through we earn money, YouTube is that big source of income. So many people are now earning from YouTube, even they have made YouTube their life.

It can be easy to make money from YouTube if we are trying to entertain and bring more people. So now we are bringing you a best news for YouTube Creators.

YouTube has been best platform for earning money. It is a app from Google LLC, We can learn from YouTube by watching videos and YouTube is a secondary teacher of us

There are many categories of YouTube Video. Music, Gaming, Vlogging, Entertaining, etc. YouTube is best source of income.

For earning money, first we have to grow audience in YouTube and complete YouTube Monetization. We can define YouTube Monetization as YouTube had given tasks.

YouTube Monetization Requirements

To monetize and earn from YouTube. First we need 1000 (1 Thousand) Subscribers with 4000 (4 Thousands) Watch Time Hours. Those options were in 2021.

That was from 2010 to 2021. In these years so many creators participated in YouTube Partnership Program. At that time YouTube got most popular in the world for videos.

After 2021 new policy about YouTube was 1000 (1 Thousand) Subscribers with 4000 (4 Thousands) Watch Time Hours or 10M (10 Million) views in only 90 days. That year

Was the golden year of YouTube because YouTube got 1000+ creators from 2021 to 2023. Most of creator can by shorts on YouTube.

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YouTube YPP Eligibility after New YouTube YPP updates

After 2023 means now a new policy about YouTube is 500 (5 Hundred) Subscribers with 3000 (3 Thousands) Watch Time Hours or 3M (3 Million) views in only 90 days.

This can be YouTube’s diamond year for having new dangeriuos creators.

We cannot imagine what YouTube will do in 2024 or 2025. YouTube is going to be the most used app in the world. Of course there is huge population who has downloaded YouTube

About 10B (10 Billion) downloaders YouTube has gained. YouTube has made most of people viral and famous. YouTube has set virtual life of the people.

It helps students for learning. It has been most popular by music (songs, raps) and so on.

We think YouTube will remove monetization tasks anyone will be able to make money from YouTube. But no one will be able to create audience. He will have

to hard work for 3 or 4 or 5 years. Because YouTube grows only big creators who has 1 million minimum subscribers.

Hope this blogs helped you to increase knowledge about YouTube Updated Polices and Monetization Eligibility Criteria make sure to be prepared always be aware about these Policies sometimes these helps you to grow fast and work through following the YouTube Terms & Conditions. It is a Safe earning platform for anyone who is hard worker and seek to generate passive income.

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