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List of best Video Editing apps for mobiles Android & IOS to free download

Here are the list of top best mobile apps that can help you in editing your videos. Download links available. Following most trending feature can be added into your video these apps support these basic and premium feature like:

1:- Trimming and cutting tools: These allow you to cut and trim the video footage, removing unwanted parts and keeping only the relevant content.

2:- Video effects and filters: These allow you to enhance your footage with effects like color correction, saturation, contrast, brightness, and filters like vintage, sepia, black and white, etc.

3- Transitions: These are the effects that help to smoothly transition between different video clips or scenes.

4:- Text and title tools: These allow you to add text overlays, captions, titles, and other text effects to your videos.

5:- Audio editing tools: These allow you to adjust the volume, add background music, and sync audio with the video.

6:- Speed control: This feature lets you adjust the playback speed of your video footage, creating slow-motion or fast-motion effects.

7:- Export and sharing options: The ability to export your edited video in different formats and share it on various social media platforms.

These are the basic features that any video editor app should have, although more advanced features may be available in premium versions.


Pros: Automatically creates fast on the go engaging videos with attractive effects and more advance transitions

Cons: Lack of advanced features and editing control

Ideal for: Making impressive videos simple & easy on the go .

Download link: Android

Download link: iOS

Top Best Video Editing Apps for Mobile Android &πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ iOS [ Download ] 2023

Sain Azeem Tech
Video Tutorial about editing apps by sainazeemtech.

No 2: Splice video Editor App.

Pros: User-friendly and intuitive interface

Cons: Available only on Apple Operating system iOS.

Ideal for: Quick and easy editing while you are on the continue move.

Download link: iOS

NO 3: InShot Video editing app.

Pros: Multiple functionalities including photos editing & more

Cons: Free versions including a watermark

Ideal for: Basic to advace video and photos editing

Download link: Android

Download link: iOS

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best more advanced smartphone/mobile video editing apps.

No 4: Adobe Premiere Rush Videos Editor

Pros: Syncs & can be used with other Adobe applications such as Lightroom and Premiere Pro

Cons: Has limited audio editing capabilities while editing lengthy videos

Ideal for: Semi-pro best effects and expert video creators modes.

Download link: Android

Download link: iOS

No 5: LumaFusion Video Editing App.

Pros: Feature-rich enable interface simple frames and advanced functionalities

Cons: Does not support yet syncing between different iOS devices

Ideal for: best for Journalists, filmmakers, and also video producers who are on the move.

Download links: iOS

No 6. KineMaster Video Editing App

Pros: Precise & simple editing interface

Cons: Free version can have adds a watermark in video to the final export, while the paid versions is quite expensive than free.

Ideal for: Professional-level & Expert videos editing on Android devices.

Download link: Android

Download link:Β iOS

Download For PC?

No 7. PicPlayPost Editor App.

Pros: Lets you to create simple to advance level video & collages

Cons: Has limited videos editing capabilities some where you have to get the paid version to access the best features of the app

Ideal for: Best Part is for Social media influencers and brands who looking to get promote their products.

Download link: Android

Download link: iOS

No 8. Magisto Video Editor App.

Pros: Speedy & easy automatic videos editing

Cons: Has limited editing controls Buttons, Lists..

Ideal for: Quick & best video editing app for Instagram stories and posts.

Download link: Android

Download link: iOS

no 9. FilmoraGo Video Editor

Pros: Best Simple and easy to edit interface

Cons: Basic features and some advance including text and more compared to the desktop version

Ideal for: Quick fast & Social media posts

Download link: Android

Download link: iOS

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