Apple Vision Pro Everything need to know about Features, Price in India Pakistan and more.

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Apple Vision Pro Everything need to know about Features of Apple Version Pro AR

Apple recently Launched a new AR headset Apple Vision Pro Realistic AR, VR Device. Immersive looking device that can connect Digital and real-world Together.

This is what you can expect from the future inventions. It’s just mind blowing technology which is invented by Apple in Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro Everything need to know about Features, Price in India Pakistan and more.

If we talk about its price or buying information for Pakistani or Indians, not announced yet but the expected price is $3,499

Apple Version Pro Price In India

Apple version pro AR is recently launched that’s why it’s not available in India yet. But Price can be estimated by it’s real price which is $3,499. So in Indian rupees Vision Pro price will be about INR 288875.69. And the Apple vision pro price in Pakistan is about RS 1002397.72

Best Features of Apple Vision Pro AR

This is the first Apple AR headset which support 3d. You can do next level thing after wearing this device, it’s really mind blowing. This Launched in WWDC Event by Apple.

Front: It’s completely cover with glass. There are many camera’s placed in front for special purposes.

Body: Metal frame, Back head band also deferent from ever you saw in any VR device before. Dial and lenses everything is customized by apple.

Speaker: Into the headset it has high quality speakers for enjoying the music or some other purposes.

For decreasing its weight apple used air space Aluminum.

Applications: It is supporting all most every apple apps like: Meditation’s health care applications etc. You can visit anywhere just by sitting from any corner of your house. You can watch 3d high quality movies sitting an airplane. And if you are using MacBook then you can zoom screen size as you want in 4k mode.

Eyes: Your eyes can be seen from AR screen. If someone seen you wearing Apple Vision AR.

shape of Apple Vision Pro Everything need to know about Features, Price in India Pakistan and more.

Controls: Apple Vision Pro device can be controlled by three ways.

1:- Control by eyes: Yes, you can control this device using your eye-contact, any object can be selected and operated through.

2:- Control by Voice: this is another special control of Vision Pro. It can be controlled by your voice.

3:- Control by Hands: Not any button, just move your hands and control this amazing Vision pro device.

It basically connect real-world with digital world everything can be dragged zoomed and adjust by those controls.

It can interacts with light. Dim the background auto adjustment and more.

Keyboards: You can use both virtual and physical keyboards.

Click Images: You can click images it has cameras with ability of clicking 3d images and save it you can see edit those letter.

Scan Persona: Yes, you can easily scan and create your persona, when you call anyone that persona will be your something like profile or avatar with taking like real person.

Games & Movies: You can watch movies in 3d mode and play games. That is what its amazing feature everyone love about.

Lock Systems: Face ID can be Optical ID you can lock & unlock though this feature.

Mics: There are six mics are connect and some other special sensors are interconnected to advance your experience.

Plugins: You can connect device or battery from outside through its connector which are along with it.

controls of Apple Vision Pro Everything need to know about Features, Price in India Pakistan and more.

Processors in Apple Vision Pro: There are two processor are installed into Vision Pro. One is M2 Processor Apple, and another R1 apple processor. Same processors are place which can be found in any apple laptops.

Cooling Unit: Yes, in the below side of the device there is a cooling unit also placed for protecting from heat problems.

3d Diagrams: If you want to see anything diagram in 3d then it’s possible to see any objects diagram in 3d like: you want to see parts of heart or something else.

Lens of Apple Vision Pro Everything need to know about Features, Price in India Pakistan and more.

Vision Pro OS: Apple has designed a separate OS for Apple Vision Pro device which is called VISION OS.

It’s also support iPhone and iPad apps and some other are specially designed for this.

Privacy & Security: Your data and tabs everything is secured you may know apple is more secured so in this device also your data is more secure from any kind of data leaks.

Hope! you loved to read this blog & and now you have learned everything about Apple Vision Pro AR. Now you should also know about Apple Vision Pro Price in India and also Price in Pakistan. If you want to ask anything about this make sure to comment below Thank you.

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