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How to Make AI Videos Using AI Tools 100% free AI Tools for Videos.

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How to make AI videos using AI. Here are the Top best Video Maker 100% free AI Tools for Videos Editing etc.

There are many online AI tools are available to generate videos from Images, AI Avatars, AI Arts, Some of best AI video Editor available online to edit you videos easily just by tapping simple steps.

We going to discuss the best Artificial Intelligence AI software’s online which helps you for making AI generated videos for your YouTube Channel, TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, or any other video platform.

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Many of Video creators, Influencers are using these AI tools for making videos, shorts, and video ads.

Here are the best tools can be used one by one for making a complete Video.

How to write Script for video using AI. Text to Video AI

Before making a video you need a complete script about that video. What is discussed about in video? Choose you niche about that video. Try to write a better script for your video. If you can’t write script? Here are the various AI tools to generate video script for you.

  1. ChatGPT: We have already discussed about ChatGPT it’s a language model AI tool. Which helps you to create any type of writing content. You need to know about this. It is very useful for generating or writing video script for your videos.
  2. Google Bard: this is another AI language model by Google, 100% free also. You can try this for generating or writing video scripts. Many of big content creator are using ChatGPT and Google Bard for writing script for their videos.

How to create AI Character Avatar for videos. Text to Image AI

After making a better video script. You need a character for your video also known as AI talking avatar for video. There are many AI tools available to create AI avatar free including: Girls, boys, Authors etc.

Here are example of AI Avatar or AI character for videos.

Following are the best tools use for generating AI images, AI arts, AI Avatar or AI Characters, Talking head AI etc.

  1. DALL E 2: is the best Open AI tool which helps you for generating Images, Art, AI Character and many other options related which Text to Image AI.

Prompt: is where you enter commands for example [“Astronaut Riding a Black horse”] for generating that particular image. Then you will get 4 variations of an image to choose a better for your result.

  1. MidJourney Ai: This is the best online AI software using this you can create any kind of AI generated Images just by writing prompt.
  2. Adobe Firefly AI: This is another AI tool for generating AI Images, AI Avatar or AI Characters. This also use the Prompt for creating or generating images.
  3. DID AI: This is huge platform offers you many kind of tools character and everything you need to create a complete video. It is also offering many kind of AI avatars, Characters etc.
  4. Leonardo AI: another best free AI tools for generating any kind of images by giving commands through writing Prompt.

How to create AI Audios from scripts. Text to speech AI

There are many AI platforms which are offering text to speech AI. But we are going to discuss best of 100% free AI tools for generating Audios. You just need a script and past it select the language and hit Generate.

Elevenlabs AI: This is best AI tools which helps you to generate Audios free. Text to speech AI. You can past your script and generate any kind of audio it has many variation including Man, Women, child, young, Marie, John etc.

DID AI: Yes, DID AI also offers Text to speech AI options where you can easily generate audios from AI just typing or pasting you script and select any kind of voice or language.

There are many AI available for creating such a videos, audios, images, and everything you need to make your work fast.

Hope! this was help for you. Make sure to read more and learn more about those tools and word hard for your success.

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