10 Best Ideas to make Passive income in 2023, Active income vs Passive Income.

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10 Best Ideas to make Passive income in 2023, Active income vs Passive Income.

In this modern era! we should know about income ideas why we have to know about passive income? what is the reason behind? Why everyone is finding the solutions & ideas to generate passive income? Here are some idea which can helps you!

What is Passive income ? you should know.

  1. Passive income is income that is earned with little to no effort or ongoing involvement from the recipient.
  2. It typically requires an initial investment of time, money, or resources to set up, but after that, it can generate income on a recurring basis with minimal ongoing effort.
  3. Examples of passive income include rental income from properties, dividend income from stocks, interest income from savings accounts, and royalties from creative works like books or music.
  4. Passive income can provide financial stability and flexibility, and can be a way to build wealth over time.

What is Active income ?

  1. Active income is income earned from work that requires active involvement and effort, such as a salary or wages from a job.
  2. It is income that is earned in exchange for the time and effort that an individual puts into their work or business.
  3. Examples of active income include wages, salaries, tips, and income earned from self-employment or running a business.
some Difference between active income vs passive income.

Passive income is income earned from an investment or business in which the individual is not actively involved.

Active income, on the other hand, is income earned from work that requires active involvement and effort, such as a salary or wages from a job.

active income vs passive income, best ideas to make passive income check it, 10 Best Ideas to make Passive income in 2023, Active income vs Passive Income.
Here are we found 10 ideas to generate passive income:
  1. Rental properties: Renting out properties can generate steady rental income.
  2. Dividend stocks: Investing in stocks that pay regular dividends can provide passive income.
  3. Peer-to-peer lending: Investing in peer-to-peer lending platforms can generate interest income.
  4. Create an online course: Creating an online course can generate income from sales without ongoing effort.
  5. Affiliate marketing: Promoting products or services through affiliate marketing can generate income from commissions.
  6. High-yield savings accounts: Putting money in high-yield savings accounts can generate passive income from interest.
  7. Create a mobile app: Creating a mobile app that generates revenue from ads or in-app purchases can provide passive income.
  8. Buy and hold real estate: Investing in real estate and holding onto it for the long-term can generate passive income from appreciation and rent.
  9. Create an e-book: Writing and publishing an e-book can generate passive income from sales.
  10. Invest in a business: Investing in a business that generates steady profits can provide passive income.

If you are a computer user or have some skills to work on computer or laptop and your are related with IT or Computer Science to make money online , here are some passive income ideas that may be suitable for you:
  1. Create and sell digital products: You could create digital products such as e-books, stock photos, software, or online courses and sell them on platforms like Gumroad, Etsy, or Udemy. Once you have created and uploaded the products, you can earn passive income from the sales.
  2. Develop and sell software: If you have software development skills, you could create and sell software products, such as mobile apps or web-based applications. You can earn passive income from app store downloads or subscription revenue.
  3. Affiliate marketing: You can earn passive income by promoting other people’s products on your website or social media platforms. You earn a commission for each sale that you refer to the product owner.
  4. Investing in dividend-paying stocks: You could invest in companies that pay dividends. This is a way to earn passive income from your investment portfolio.
  5. Create a blog or website: You can create a blog or website and monetize it with advertising or affiliate marketing. Once you have built up a large following, you can earn passive income from advertising and affiliate commissions.
  6. Rent out computing power: If you have a powerful computer or server, you can rent out computing power to other businesses or individuals. This can be done through platforms like Golem or RenderToken.

These are just a few examples of passive income ideas that we discussed for computer users. With some research and creativity, you can find a better idea to make passive income stream that works best for your skills and interests.

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